UnderCover Waitress: Easter Brunch Blues

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Brunch Blues

This is me dancing a happy jig because I no longer work the Easter Brunch shift:

Not everyone, however, is so lucky. Spoke with one who toiled on the big day and listened to her tales of woe.

Unlike most meals served in the restaurant, Easter Brunch is set up like a buffet. People pay a set price to come in and enjoy "all you can eat" of the best food in the area -- literally. And ever so lovingly prepared and displayed.

Servers fetch drinks, bus tables, and do whatever else is needed for customers. Customers are free to pile their plates sky-high as many times as they can in roughly two hours or so.

So, where do these people get off asking, "Do I have to tip on this? I had to get up and serve myself food." My friend spent the morning squeezing oranges for their fresh-squeezed orange juice and has a family that celebrates Easter. But no, she wanted to spend the morning sticky up to her elbows in your beverage instead of enjoying her grand daughter. And she lives for carting around your dirty dishes. Of course you don't have to tip. Bloody ingrates.

Must admit, am also perturbed about the fact that tip wasn't included in the bill. For the holiday brunch buffets, it really should be.

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