UnderCover Waitress: Confessions of an Overly-Sensitive Prude

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Confessions of an Overly-Sensitive Prude

This is actually a good event. A Cinco De Mayo celebration that benefits an organization called "Green Acres." Food, libations, and table service complete with "celebrity" waiters and waitresses. Knowing nothing about Green Acres, on principle I sincerely say that I hope the event is a success.

BUT --- and maybe I am being an overly sensitive prude. A trophy will be awarded to the waiter/waitress who earns the most tips (which I assume are being donated.) Quote from the Huntington News:

"A six foot trophy has been ordered for the waiter/waitress who gets the most tips. The Celebrity waiters and waitresses have been instructed to do almost anything to get tips! I can't wait to see what they wear!!!!"

Meaning what? Skimpy clothing? Unless you work in a strip joint you don't earn tips by flaunting your sexuality. And those of us who work as professional waitresses are tired of sots staring at our cleavage while we recite specials and our asses as we walk away.

What's that? Hooters? If you want a boner that's not on your plate, don't go to a nice restaurant. Our boners have marrow inside. I would gladly bomb each and every Hooters on the face of the planet if I knew how. (And when the FBI comes knocking on my door, I'll know why.)

The news is reporting quite a bit of harassment of waitresses recently. I can't imagine but that living in a culture that continues to see food servers as sex toys for boys contributes to the expectations that result in waitresses being mistreated. Here are a couple of examples of touching waitresses. Whether you are fondling or attempting to give bruises, DO NOT TOUCH WAIT STAFF.

Athlete fondles waitress breast

Caracter has no character

My point in all this is my offense taken at the insinuation that the celebrity servers will behave inappropriately in the guise of "that's how we earn tips." Thirty years ago, an overly-sensitive prude would have had a problem with working women being subjected to public weigh-ins and comments about how they looked in their work uniforms. Today, that is considered sexual harassment. Perhaps in another thirty years, it will be considered grossly inappropriate to encourage a waitress to wear a low cut shirt and lean over the table while pouring water in an attempt to get tips. Today, however, I am an overly-sensitive prude.

Here is the Cinco de Mayo event article:

News Event


  1. I'm on your side!
    Although I do reap the benefits of being young and cute, I would never purposefully wear low-cut shirts, tight pants, or use double entendres while serving to make better tips.
    It's degrading to myself, and unless it's a certain type of customer, completely offensive to them.

  2. I agree with you - I earn tips for my service, not my body. I purposely do my best to cover up, at work and in everyday clothes. I actually wear waist-high jeans (think 80s) and get compliments on them often. Why? Because covering up can actually be sexier than showing skin.

    Anyway, you're no prude - you just have more self-respect than others.

  3. Thanks for weighing in guys, good to know I am not alone. I remember a long time ago some old geezer telling me to sit on his lap and tell him the specials. His wife, sitting next to him, was so embarrassed she told him to shush before I had a chance to respond.

    And that was a brunch shift.


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