UnderCover Waitress: Chili's Mudslides

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chili's Mudslides

Okay, looks like management's grousing that the child had been served punch, not a mudslide, is over with and the mom really was telling the truth. According to the Chicagoist:


"Chili's management said the waitress had only been working for a week and didn't know that alcoholic beverages were served in different glassware, and offered to comp the meal, but Tyree Davis called police and took photographs of the two drinks."

So now it is the waitress' fault. She didn't recognize the difference between bar glassware and plastic kiddie cups. Really? Instead of offering to comp. the meal, perhaps Chili's should comp. the kid's visit to the emergency room.

Check you children's food and drink, diners. Check you children's food and drink, diners. Check your children's food and drink, diners. No, I am not blaming the victim; I am hoping to prevent future catastrophe.

Love the title of the post in the Chicagoist:
We Remember Our First Mudslide

Addendum: It seems from further reading that the waitress may have simply picked up the wrong drink at the bar that was intended for another table. Hence the mother photographing how different the two drinks looked. Another report claims waitress approached the table a second time with the correct beverage and an apology, a bit too late for the 4 year old. The child was diagnosed with over ingestion of alcohol, but was later doing fine. 

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