UnderCover Waitress: Canvas Dansko Clogs

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Canvas Dansko Clogs

Can't resist writing about these shoes, even if it does seem like shameless advertising. Hey, if you wait tables (or are a nurse, or any other work in which you are on your feet all day) then you probably already know how superior Dansko professional clogs are. If not, here ya' go:

  • Famous "rocker-bottom" soles. The rocking motion when you walk prevents fatigue.
  • Firm arch support also prevents fatigue and takes care of your foot while walking.
  • Roomy toe box in a fashionable and nice-looking shoe. Toes are comfortable; you look great!
  • Superior shock absorption rivals athletic footwear. 
  • Leather shoes are anti-microbial. (Microbes = eewww.) 
Now take all those incredible points, and add these for canvas Dansko shoes: 
  • Lighter weight shoes than traditional Dansko professional clogs.
  • The rubber heels are slip-resistant (as are the professional heels.) 
  • Lower heel; professional clogs have a 2 inch heel; Volley Dansko clogs have a 1-1/4 inch heel.
  • Breathable canvas uppers. Can be spot-cleaned with mild soap and water. 
  • Less expensive than traditional professional Dansko clogs. (Buy two pairs?) 
If you know your Dansko size, then you know your size for the new canvas Dansko Volley. And they come in black! 

For those who must maintain a formal appearance, canvas may not be an acceptable choice. The good news is that you can get Dansko Volley professional clogs made with box leather. The features and soles of the new Dansko Volley are the same, but the shoe looks more mature.

Of course, I couldn't resist including these because the pattern is so cute! These are canvas Dansko Volley clogs to wear when you are not waitressing. Why would you feet want anything else?

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