UnderCover Waitress: Alcohol Non-Compliance, or Why We Card

Monday, April 11, 2011

Alcohol Non-Compliance, or Why We Card

Alcohol stings are not uncommon. An adult who is an undercover police officer and at least one minor will enter a restaurant. The minor orders a beer (or any alcoholic beverage.) When he does not get carded but does get served, the restaurant gets cited for breaking the law.

Serving alcoholic beverages is a great profit-maker for the owners and the servers alike. Amazing how much some people will spend for a cocktail. Once the booze affects the brain, they are more likely to order more, racking up their bill. And when it comes time to tip, the server is happy (unless you are a cheapskate.)

General wisdom is to card anybody who looks under 30 years of age. Being a terrible judge of age, I have carded people who turned out to be in their 40s. I actually had a rather youthful-seeming woman stand up and hug me when I carded her. At least the women feel its a compliment; men get annoyed.

Because booze is such a good source of profit, getting cited and having the license to serve alcohol taken away from the restaurant, even if temporary, hits an owner where it hurts most. The law is the law, and we are all required to obey it whether we agree with it or not. In addition, one would have to be a complete idiot to not know that minors cannot drink in restaurants.

Police officers have every right to eat in restaurants. They come in with their families when off-duty; I have also served officers in uniform.

I had a table let the teenager drink out of Mom's wine glass and act like they didn't know it wasn't okay. I was ready to string them up. The hostess felt I should have been nicer about their lies. Baloney. Had an off-duty or undercover cop been at the next table, we, the restaurant, could have gotten in trouble for not enforcing the laws which we are required to uphold.

Some people who don't agree with laws lobby to change them in appropriate ways. Others pretend they didn't understand why their minor children were not served wine glasses. Give me a break.

Feeling The Sting of Alcohol Non-Compliance

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  1. It's just typical that we encounter teenagers that are still not legal to try to intake alcohol once in a while. They are still at the stage of curiosity afterall.


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