UnderCover Waitress: The Telephone Caller

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Telephone Caller

In the restaurant industry, we have to be nice. We are not feeling nice; actually, we may hate you. But we pretend, even when you call at 6:30 which is extremely busy and want somebody to tell you all about the specials... on the phone. 

And then you need to have the regular menu read to you. And you do have lots of questions! (Yes, it's good.) 

My favorite caller was the one who the manager had to politely put on hold so she could seat the slew of people walking in the door. When she was able to get back to the phone, she said, "Sorry to keep you waiting so long."

The caller, who seemed to feel that she had somehow received substandard service, replied, "Do I get free dessert?" 

Good times. 

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