UnderCover Waitress: How to Make Bigger Tips eBook Excerpt

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Make Bigger Tips eBook Excerpt

Want to know how to get a job in the restaurant industry? Or already there, and want to maximize earning potential as a waiter or waitress? The following is an excerpt from my ebook on the very subject:
Empathy may be one of the biggest assets a server can have. The server who has empathy for her tables will be able to give each and every one of them just the amount of personal attention that they want. When the customer's personal needs and wants are met, the customer will feel most respected and liked and will like the server back. Liking the server results in bigger tips.
People eat out for different reasons at different times. Some people need a quick bite before a movie, others are looking forward to a leisurely dinner full of conversation for two, and still others want to have a party. The server who makes chit chat with the people in a hurry isn't paying attention. Just because the chit chat created a good customer relationship at the party table does not make chit chat appropriate at every table. Servers who make big tips do so by developing a unique customer relationship with each individual table, based upon what the customers want.
Little things matter when waiting tables. Those of us who work in the finest restaurants cannot play the psychologically manipulative games such as squatting at the table. Nor should we want to (it looks ridiculous.) The nicer the restaurant, the more money a server can make, but she has to know how to interact with her customers. Learn the secrets and increase your earnings now.

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