UnderCover Waitress: Michael Lynn

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Michael Lynn

Michael Lynn is an interesting character. A psychologist who teaches at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, he studied what server behaviors result in the biggest tips.

The results are humorous. Next time a waitress squats down at your table, she is trying to manipulate you into seeing her as a friend, or "on the same level" which will encourage you tip her well. If she touches you, it is intended to make you feel amiable toward her -- which results in bigger tips.

In fine dining, squatting at the table can lose a waiter his job. And touching? The worst case scenario is that touching will result in a sexual harassment claim. People don't eat out in order to be touched.

There are appropriate ways in the fine dining environment to earn the favor of customers and consequently earn larger tips. How to Make Bigger Tips as a Restaurant Waitress in eBook form includes information about how to get hired by the best establishments and then make the biggest tips without making a fool of yourself.

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